Golden Line G850

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Our new flagship G850 has arrived for the 2016 season!
Due to it’s exceptional seaworthiness the G850 has been awarded CE category B (offshore) status. It is the first GRAND boat to be awarded this sought after Design Category.
This, combined with the built in 300 liter fuel tank means that longer trips can now be planned without worrying about running low on fuel or unwelcome changes in weather conditions.

Key Features and the Philosophy behind our latest and largest RIB:
• It is a new class of boat and a step forward from our highly successful G650;
• It has extraordinary sea keeping qualities being able to deal with Force 8 winds and waves of up to 4m;
• Our uncompromising approach to reliability and safety means more opportunity for family enjoyment combined with safety and performance;
• The design allows for a twin-engine setup e.g. 2 x 225hp outboards. This is an important feature for professional uses such as The Coast Guard, Police and Emergency Services;
• It is a delight to manage due to our unique HSH Hull Design, which reduces wetted surface area and offers improved performance over conventional hull designs;
• The hull also provides high levels of stability, buoyancy and load capacity being able to accommodate up to 12 passengers;
• It has plenty of space within the boat for all those “essential items” that always seem to find their way on board;
• The ability to make longer passages due to its seaworthiness and fuel capacity;
• An extensive options list ensuring you will be able to specify your 850 to precisely meet your needs;
• A truly modern and state of the art design incorporating 21st Century ergonomics.

The G850 comes with Hypalon® tubes as standard and the recommended 300 hp outboard easily drives the hull even with a full load.

Technical Data

Length overall (cm)850
Length internal (cm)640
Width overall (cm)295
Width internal (cm)175
Tube diameter (cm)60
Bare Boat weigh (kg)1200
Loading capacity (kg)2080
Passengers capacity 12
№ of chambers 5
№ of motors1/2
Engine min (HP)300
Engine recommended (HP)350
Engine max (HP)400
Engine weight max (kg)500
Engine shaft length (mm)762 (1) / 635 (2)
Midsection / aft deadrise (degrees) 30° / 25°
Hull typeRIB
Boat design categoryB
Stowed dimensions of package №1 (cm×cm×cm)860×260×230
Stowed dimensions of package №2 (cm×cm×cm)127×121×110
Stowed dimensions of package №3 (cm×cm×cm)100×109×70
Transport gross weight (kg)1450


1 — Bow anchor compartment
2 — Bow compartment
3 — Packaus – underdeck compartment
4 — Mini cabin in the steering console (latrine – option)
5 — Glove box
6 — Fuel tank (300 l)
7 — Compartment in the passenger rack (refrigerator - option)
8 — Kitchen compartment (hob and sink - option)
9 — Side aft lockers
10 — Large aft locker
11 — Two rear rope hatches


Standard equipment

  • «Deep V» fiberglass hull with transom expansion
  • 5-section inflatable balloon, HYPALON
  • Bow step plate with 2 cleats
  • Bow anchor compartment with a soft removable pillow
  • Roomy nose compartment with soft removable cushions, 2 stainless steel glass holder
  • Steering console CL-21 with front soft seat / mini cabin (inside)
  • Double seat SD-21 with two folding seats and mini-bar
  • Stern U-shaped sofa with soft back / One large aft locker and two side
  • 2 stainless steel rear rails
  • Electric package
  • Fuel system with 300 lit tank
  • Antiskid deck surface
  • Drainage system
  • Hull ventilation system
  • Mooring and towing knots

Optional equipment

  • Overpressure valve Leafield with filter cap (2 pcs)
  • Soft curved 5-chamber reinforced inflatable buoyancy tube, HYPALON
  • 2 rear seat extended handrails
  • Waterski towing arch with GRP top
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Steering wheel PERFORMANCE
  • Two swimming platforms with ladder & handrail
  • Two rear rope hatches
  • Rear sundeck with cushion
  • Removable table with 4 cupholders and pedestal
  • Water shower set
  • Electric WC set
  • Refrigeretor
  • Electric anchor
  • Keel protector
  • Overall cover
  • 3-arch bimini top

Outboard motors






Engine type 4-Stroke, 24-Valve, DOHC with VCT, Direct action, 60°, V6 4-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC with VCT, Direct action, In-Line 4 4-Stroke, 16-Valve, DOHC with VCT, Direct action, In-Line 4
Displacement 4169 cm³ 2785 cm³ 2785 cm³
Bore × Stroke 96.0 mm × 96.0 mm 96.0 мм × 96.2 мм 96.0 mm × 96.2 mm
Max. prop shaft output 220.6 kW (300 hp) @5500 r/min 147.1 kW (200 hp) @5500 r/min 147.1 kW (200 hp) @5500 r/min
Fuel induction system Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Lubrication system Wet sump Wet sump Wet sump
Engine transom height U: 770 mm (30.3 inch) X: 643 mm (25.3 inch) X: 643 mm (25.3 inch)
Weight 268 kg 228 kg 227 kg
Engine Start Electronic Starter Electronic Starter Electronic Starter
Steering Remote Remote Remote
Trim Control System Power trim and tilt Power trim and tilt Power trim and tilt
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